The ZoomOut Application

  • Easy to use, feature rich web application.
  • Visual spider graph showing relationships between various individuals and organisations, that may indicate potential corruption and conflicts of interest.
  • Fully accessed controlled with user auditing to log all changes.
  • Built in-house by Managed Integrity Evaluation's technology division.

The ZoomOut™ web application was designed to meet the demand of both the public and private sectors, to easily identify potentially corrupt or fraudulent vendors and / or employees. ZoomOut™ is a user-friendly software solution which assists organisation in combatting supply-chain fraud and corruption.

The web-based application allows users to upload the necessary information and await ZoomOut™’s timely results.

All the information provided by the client organisation - vendor and employee details - is filtered by ZoomOut™’s intelligent matching engine and stored for easy access, cutting out the need for costly and time consuming software training.

ZoomOut™’s 5 step process:

  1. Client organisation submits vendor and employee information on the ZoomOut™ matching engine. Click here to get started.
  2. ZoomOut™ verifies uploaded information by means of company checks, ID fraud checks and back account checks.
  3. ZoomOut™'s matching engine links potentially fraudulent and / or corrupt activity between: employees and employees; vendors and vendors; as well as vendors and employees.
  4. ZoomOut™ analyses the results provided by the matching engine and flags potential risk associations for the client organisation’s attention; a vendor or employee can fail a number of rules which require review.
  5. ZoomOut™ provides the client organisation with detailed exception reports highlighting links. The client organisation can easily request these reports from the web-based application.

ZoomOut™ is a software solution, designed and developed by Managed Integrity Evaluation’s (MIE) in-house technology division.

A solution for both private and public sector organisations looking to combat fraud and corruption within their organisation’s supply chain, ZoomOut™ offers the following features:

  • All information uploaded is transmitted via secure channels and is stored in secure data-centres
  • Create Project-based searches
  • Company checks on relevant vendors (whose details have been uploaded) in order to identify potential corruption, fraud, or conflicts of interest
  • Background screening checks on individuals and / or companies - screened by Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE)
  • Assistance in identifying fraud and / or corrupt relationships between vendors and employees identified through analysis of imported data filtered by the ZoomOut™ matching engine and results of company checks
  • A visual spider graph, included in printable report, for quick and easy reference of potential fraud and / or corrupt relationships
  • A dashboard to easily view project status
  • Adding and managing client organisation’s ZoomOut™ users – each user with specific user access
  • ZoomOut™ runs on all well-known browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari and no additional software is required to install the application
  • ZoomOut™ client organisations have access to both telephonic and online support (via email)

For easy reference, ZoomOut™ provides client organisations with a visual representation of search results by means of a spider graph - to depict a conflict of interest which may result in fraud or a potentially corrupt relationship between employees and / or vendors.

Spider graph features:

  • Includes details of relationships between the relevant employees / vendors as well as entity details (i.e. company registration number / name)
  • Simple use of colours to indicate adverse links
  • Additional details of links and failed or passed rules easily accessible directly from the Spider Graph