Intelligent Matching Engine

  • Ability to match between individuals, between organisations, and between an individual and organisation.
  • Matching can occur on names and identities, bond accounts and title deeds, and tax numbers to name a few.
  • Data is cleaned and normalised to increase the probablity of potential matches.
  • Custom built by Managed Integrity Evaluation exclusively for ZoomOut™

ZoomOut's™ software matching engine lies at the heart of the application and was custom designed and developed especially for ZoomOut™ by the Managed Integrity Evaluation's (MIE) technology division.

The core function of ZoomOut™ is to filter through extensive amounts of information and identify potentially corrupt or fraudulent relationships between various entities – between employees, between vendors or between an employee and a vendor.

The ZoomOut™ matching engine uses all the data that has been inputted into the system, as well as all the data received from our data suppliers to identify possible conflicts. Any conflicts that are identified result in a supplier or an employee failing, this failed status can then be reviewed and a decision made on the conflicting data.