Company Checks

  • Information returned consists of directors, property deeds, business interests, and auditor information.
  • Company checks are an integral part of the ZoomOut™ matching process.
  • Conduct company checks of business interest to expand and increase the amount of information ZoomOut™ can process to find potential conflicts of interest and corruption.

The Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE) company check is a vital due diligence verification which allows ZoomOut™ access to important information about potential associations between employees and vendors / vendors and vendors / employees and employees.

MIE is Southern Africa’s Background Screening market leader and screens for ID, directorship, citizenship and company verification amongst others.

Through ZoomOut™, company checks are conducted on all vendors and this information is then investigated - matching vendors to vendors, employees to vendors, and employees to employees.

The results of a company check builds on ZoomOut™’s algorithms, identifying if the particular vendor has been transparent about their dealings and enabling a client organisation to make a well informed decision before awarding a tender or contract to a specific company - such as:

  • The company’s status
  • The name of company (according to CIPC)
  • The company’s Vat Registration Number
  • Directors and Director statuses
  • Directors’ business interests
  • The company’s bank account number (according to CIPC)
  • Property transactions
  • The company’s credit standing