What Is ZoomOut

  • Identifies possible corruption and conflicts of interest in an organisation and minimises supply chain fraud.
  • Intelligent matching engine automatically finds links between people and/or organisations.
  • Easy to use online website with visual display of potential fraud.
  • Owned and operated by Managed Integrity Evaluation.

In response to growing demand from the public and private sectors for a solution to combat procurement and tender fraud, Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE) has launched ZoomOut™.

The ground-breaking and user-friendly online web application identifies and links possible conflicts of interest and potentially corrupt relationships within a client organisation’s supply-chain resulting in increased transparency and fewer opportunities of procurement and tender fraud.

How does it work? ZoomOut™ uses an intelligent matching engine which filters through extensive amounts of information uploaded by the client organisation, such as relevant vendor details (company name; ‘trading as’, and registration number) and employee information (name, surname, South African ID number, contact details and next of kin information).

The application then draws links between entities where a possible conflict of interest or corrupt relationship may exist, bringing this to the organisation’s attention in a comprehensive report.


  • Identifies potential fraudulent and corrupt dealings within an organisation’s procurement process
  • Reduces future risk and spend by removing vendors associated with a potential conflict of interest
  • Can be used by public and private sector organisations in conducting forensic audits and investigating fraud and corruption
  • Can be used by government departments when awarding tenders
  • Can assist in reducing irregular spending or taxpayer money and unnecessary use of public assets
  • Promotes adherence to the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA), Supply Chain Management principles and National Treasury Regulations