How ZoomOut Works

  • Processing suppliers and employees of your company to identify possible procurement fraud.
  • Company checks are requested to gather more information regarding your suppliers.
  • Intelligent matching engine applies complex rules to assist in identifying potential conflicts of interest.
  • Flag potential organisations and individuals to be investigated for possible corruption.

ZoomOut™ is a ground-breaking and user-friendly, online web application which identifies and links possible conflicts of interest and potentially corrupt relationships within a client organisation’s supply-chain

ZoomOut™'s intelligent matching engine filters through extensive amounts of information uploaded by the client organisation, such as relevant vendor details (company name; ‘trading as’, and registration number) and employee information (name, surname, South African ID number, contact details and next of kin information), flagging potential conflicts of interest or corrupt relationships.

The application is simple and easy to use, and successfully runs on all well-known modern browsers - such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. ZoomOut™ also requires no additional software to install.

Ensuring the ethical standards of your organisation couldn’t be easier with ZoomOut™.