Features Of ZoomOut

  • Assists in identifying and combating procurment fraud.
  • Intelligent matching engine to highlight possible corruption and conflicts of interest.
  • Can show associations between People and People, Organisations and People and Organisations and Organisations.

ZoomOut™ is a powerful but easy to use software application designed and developed with simplicity in mind. With its intelligent matching engine, ZoomOut™ is used by various organisations including private businesses, government departments, and education institutions in South Africa to identify possible procurement fraud and minimize supply chain corruption.

Key features of ZoomOut™:

  • Reliable data matching algorithms - based on the theory of probability - are used, identifying common indicators such as a registration number or ID number
  • An industry leading matching engine identifies and flags common data
  • Multiple users can upload the required information to ZoomOut™
  • As the application does not require a high level of expertise, users only require basic training to operate the software
  • Vendor and employee information can be uploaded in batch format
  • Enables organisation to blacklist employees and suppliers where necessary
  • Provides timely comprehensive reports on vendor and employee matches
  • Reports are adaptable to suit client organisation’s needs and preferences and includes visual representation of potentially corrupt or fraudulent relationships for easy reference
  • Provides automated irregularity notifications/alerts
  • Identifies potential risk areas and conflicts of interest through powerful cross-referencing of information
  • Integrated with multiple data sources to monitor and cross reference data on an ongoing basis
  • The system evolves with the data you input
  • Build and manage your own internal non-preferred list of vendors and employees
  • Extensive exception reporting and visual representation of data, gives you the ability to see the bigger picture

Why do I need to use ZoomOut™

Ensuring the ethical standards of your organisation couldn’t be easier with ZoomOut™. For the application to conduct a match search, all you (or users of your choice) need to provide is the relevant vendor details (company name; ‘trading as’, and registration number) and employee information (name, surname, South African ID number, contact details and next of kin information).

For both public and private sector organisations, fraud detection can mean the difference between successfully awarding a tender/ contract to a reputable and honest vendor without irregularities and bid rigging – representing a significant saving in both spend and risk mitigation.

ZoomOut™ can confidently expose a high number of relationships that would normally be difficult to identify.