Benefits Of ZoomOut

  • Identify possible corruption and conflicts of interest in the procurement process.
  • Ensure procurement compliance and identify irregular spending.
  • Investigate negative and positive information on vendors and employees to assist in mitigating reputational risk.
  • Reduce the cost of corrective measures after a supplier has been awarded a tender or contract.

Using ZoomOut™ keeps you a step ahead of the rest, identifying potential for fraud and corruption before a vendor is on-boarded or tender is signed.

Identifying possible conflicts of interest early on in the supply-chain procurement process, risk and wasteful spend can be kept to a minimum.

ZoomOut™ benefits in a nutshell:

  • Identifies fraudulent or corrupt supply-chain activity
  • Identifies conflicts of interest in the procurement / tender process
  • Identifies potential risk relating to shared property between vendors and employees
  • Highlights employee / vendor and vendor / vendor links
  • Ensures procurement compliance
  • Combats irregular expenditure and the illegitimate spending of tax-payers money and public assets
  • Can be used to assist forensic auditors investigating fraud and corruption
  • Can be used by government departments when awarding tenders (in accordance with the Public Administration Management Act)
  • Assists organisations in adhering to the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA), Supply Chain Management principles as well as National Treasury Regulations
  • Reduces costs relating to corrective measures post tender / vendor award
  • Reports on detailed statistical data and audit tracking
  • Access to MIE’s extensive knowledge and experience in background screening